Arduino 1.6.8 and Teensyduino 1.28 Compatibility

Arduino made some major changes to the IDE in 1.6.8. There’s a new release out to address major compatibility issues, and all the examples compile without errors.

If you’re having trouble compiling any sketches using SmartMatrix, make sure you update to the latest SmartMatrix Library release. Post if you’re still having trouble and we’ll help.

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Works GREAT!!! with Teensyduino 1.28.and the Arduino 1.6.8 IDE

I have it working on a 32 x64 4mm pitch panel with a Teensy 3.2 driving it. Wonderful fun! Thank you. The application is weather display at our RC Model Aircraft flying field. It is easy to read in full sun.

David G.
Maryland USA

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Hi David, Cool application! I’m glad it’s working for you