Box ideas (or where to buy)

I want to make a screen of 3 panels connected horizontally, to have a 96x16 display (P10). Maybe somebody has done something similar and can show any ideas for how to make a good box for it? Or maybe it is possible to buy something ready to use?

That is long and skinny. I have made some 64 x 64 box type frames on a laser cutter but those are apples to your orange. I also made a frame for 196 x 128 but it was more or less a giant rounded rectangle shape with a rectangular hole in the middle. Also from a laser cutter and done in 4 parts because it was too big. It looked like this. it secures to the holes in the matrix parts via some wooden tabs that were cut to fit the hole spacing.

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Maybe there is a shop close to where you live that can machine a sheet (or sheets) of acrylic/plexiglass for you. It is easy to cut or drill and doesn’t cost a ton. Or, you could do it yourself with a jigsaw and a drill!

Was this controlled by a teensy? If so which model? I thought 4 of the 32x63 panels was about as much as you could drive…

It’s a Teensy 4, which can drive 128x64 with full quality, and 128x128 and beyond with reduced quality (probably need to back off the color depth from 36 to 24).

There’s no hard maximum spec for how many pixels can be refreshed. You can drive more pixels than you actually have and just see how it looks on whatever panels are hooked up if you want to see the quality before making a big panel purchase

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i can do a total of 64 x 128 with a teensy 3.6 and so far have been able to push 128 x 160 with a teensy 4.0