Can't get Serial.println() output to work

I cannot get any Serial.println() statements to show anything in the console, what needs to be done for it to work? I was able to get serial example sketches to give console output correctly.

Running teensy 3.2, arduino 1.6.5

What app/code are you running, when you aren’t seeing any output in the console? Aurora? One of the SmartMatrix examples? Do you have Tools->USB Type menu set to Serial? Have the right serial port selected in the Tools->Port menu?

Yes, aurora. Yes to all of the above, I had the arduino serial example working, so I know I have it set up right.

Not sure why but it works fine on my other machine. Still getting familiar with teensy I guess

So serial output on this machine works for other sketches but not Aurora, and on another machine serial output works on all sketches, including Aurora?

Are you running the Aurora master branch, sm3.0, or another branch? Made any of your own modifications? If so, can you post a link to the code (on GitHub, Gist, Pastebin, etc)?