Controller for smartmatrix

This is a very basic question but I couldn’t find anything online about it. I have a teensy 3.5 on the smartmatrix v4 and everything is setup and ready to go except I have no way to control the board. All the answers online are for the 3.2 and not 3.5+. I have an IR sensor and remote but I am unsure of if I should plug it in and if so where to.

Thank you in advance

What works for the 3.2 will likely work for the 3.6, especially IR.

IR works fine with smartmatirix on teensy 3.x, I use it.
See this old page I wrote about IR and interrupts.
ignore the neopixel part the bits about IR and interrupts is what’s relevant

ideally GitHub - Arduino-IRremote/Arduino-IRremote: Infrared remote library for Arduino: send and receive infrared signals with multiple protocols works on teensy 3.5/6 too (didn’t test it)