Details specifications for 128x64 panels

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I am trying to find a high volume (10,000 units per month) low price (>$20 per unit) supply of P2.0 and P2.5 128x64 panels in China. I have had success with Coreman’s FM6124 panels but they are too expensive at scale. Does anyone know of a supplier?

The alternative is I commission my own factory to build it but I need some specifications. Does anyone have a detailed specification (not just a list of features) that I can share with my display factories?

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Thanks y’all.

@blindman2k I’m definitely not buying that volume, so I pay more than you :slight_smile:
My contact has been (I send FB direct messages) also .
The best thing I can recommend is to contact him and ask.
It may take a couple of days for him to get back to you right now, I think the covid situation still isn’t so good where he lives, so recently his replies have been slower.

Thanks, I will reach out. I got the spec sheets I needed from the factories I found on Alibaba. Now I am trying to get off their mailing lists!

The biggest thing you’ll have to watch out for, is that those pixels aren’t attached well on the panels, and a few easily fall off in shipping if they are not packed super carefully.
I wish they dipped the entire panels in some type of transparent glue at the factory

I won’t be shipping panels, I will be assembling the product in China. I can have my factory add the protective layers required. One of my prototypes lost a bunch of pixels because a staff member put the panel in her bag to take home when she was WFH. Once one fell off the rest were much less stable.

Thanks @blindman2k.
Yeah, I’m not surprised on the lost pixels. Can you share the info on the protective layers you’ll be using?
Is that spray on, or a physical diffuser in front of the pixels?

At the moment it is a perspex sheet, the next version will have some diffusion. You can actually get more expensive LED modules that have diffusion built into the LED. I think they call them “foggy lamp beads”. I am learning new things every day.

Interesting. Does the sheet protect the edges which are the most vulnerable?
I currently use this as diffuser;

The panel is fully enclosed. Take a peek at The panel is held in place with screws into the back so it can’t move and the perspex cover (which you can’t easily see in a photo) covers the entire panel and a bit more. We will likely add a diffusing layer to the outside of the perspex because the further away you put the diffuser the more diffusing you get.

makes sense, once you get the panel undamaged, you should be fine given how it’s mounted.
Nice setup, well done.

Our new design is starting to form. Shhh… don’t tell anyone.


So, I’m curious. 5 to 7" TFT screens can also be had for pretty cheap.
What made you decide for RGBPanels over TFTs?
(I ask because I realized that I paid over $400 for RGBPanels to build a display that’s much lower resolution than an HDTV of the same size and cheaper price :slight_smile: ).

That’s easy. We didn’t want to be Google Home Nest Hub or Alexa Show. We wanted to be unique and nobody was making home displays like this. It worked.