Documents and code snipets

Hello, is there a document with all the fxns and example snipets?
I found a link but it doesn’t seem complete, and other links which don’t have docs. Currently I am looking for some code to just display text (no scrolling)on a 16x32 display and learn from.

Thank you,

Hi @rdevries, sorry the documentation is a little sparse. The best thing to do is look at the FeatureDemo example code. That uses nearly all the functions available in the library.

Look at the DEMO_DRAW_CHARACTERS section of FeatureDemo for displaying text without scrolling.

Hi @Louis ,
Thank you for pointing out the feature demo.

I was looking at the demo_draw_characters section and I was wondering if there was an easier way to display text? Something that can use strings?
What I would like to do is display a 4 character number which updates.

Just a little bit lower in that section is what you want: matrix.drawString()

Thank you @Louis
I can now see text on the screen.
Now the next adventure, finding a font.