Maximum text string encountered

Hello all,
Thanks for this great software.

I’m trying to create a string of text with a few words a different colour.

I’m hitting a stumbling block - the sketch I edited for scrolling layers seems to have a maximum string limit that I’m reaching. The code will verify & upload but the scrolling message cuts off at around 100 characters in.

Is there a better way to scroll a message that is around 300 characters long?


From Layer_Scrolling.h:

const int textLayerMaxStringLength = 100;

You can edit this file in the library and make it longer.

That’s not going to help you with multicolor text, that’s unfortunately not supported right now. If you have any ideas on how you’d like that to work, please let me know and I can consider that for a future release.

Thanks very much for your help!

I got round the multi coloured text by having two of the same text layers in the same position, each different colours, and substituted spaces in the text strings. A bit of a workaround but it did the job!

Thanks yet again

Clever workaround James!