Networked SmartMatrix with Raspberry Pi and BiblioPixel

Just ran across this great article by @Adam_Haile at Maniacal Labs. He’s using his BiblioPixel library, a SmartMatrix Shield with a Teensy 3, and a Raspberry Pi. He’s 3D printed a great case for it all, and shared all of his design files. Thanks for sharing!

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You found that fast :slight_smile: Happy to share!
Also, I had never noticed your company’s name… love it. Just from the names alone, Evil Genius and Maniacal Labs may need to collaborate in the future :wink:


Yeah, I noticed your post on G+ and thought some people here might appreciate it. Hope you don’t mind. :slight_smile:

Thanks! Absolutely, would love to collaborate!

Of course not. You actually beat me to it… just hadn’t gotten to it yet :slight_smile:
We can discuss projects ‘offline’ as they say… would certainly love to pick your brain on how you make those awesome animations. Would love to port some into BiblioPixel.
Send me an email @ adam [at] maniacallabs [dot] com