PxMatrix seems to support FM6126A driver chips that SmartMatrix doesn't support


Hi @Louis and @pinballsp

As a followup to P3-6432-2121-16S-D1.0 panels don't work at all

I was working with a chinese vendor who sent me a batch of returned RGBPanels that people couldn’t get working with arduino solutions

Then I found this comment

“The chips on this board are FM6126A. To drive them from a ESP8266 based Wemos D1 Mini Pro, I had to use the updated PxMatrix library from github (update as-of Jan 29, 2019), and change the code in the setup in my sketch, and a call to display.setDriverChip(FM6126A)”

I had a look in the lib, and found this code that’s different:

Amongst other things, the chip needs to be configured before taking to it, and then the protocol seems slightly different.

Given that the work has been done in PxMatrix, would it be easy enough to add in SmartMatrix?

P3-6432-2121-16S-D1.0 panels don't work at all
Has anyone used https://github.com/2dom/PxMatrix

opened bug https://github.com/pixelmatix/SmartMatrix/issues/78