Seeking working GIF 32X32 TEENSY SKETCH

Hello all,
Looking for an actual WORKING (2021) Arduino sketch for my Smart matrix/TEENSY 3.3/Smart shield w/SD card. Absolutely every GitHub sketch I’ve d/l’ed fails to compile are the reasons are endless. Isn’t there a sketch that just works? Which would include all .h, .cpp and all other assorted files. I’ve discovered that all sketches I’ve tried need .h files that I have to scour the web for and all of them are not compatible (out of date?) With the available sketches. Very frustrating to have the hardware but no working software. All I’m looking for is the ability to display animated GIFs via the SD card. Anyone? Or is this a tosser?

Most Arduino sketches depend on libraries that you have to download, either manually or using Arduino Library Manager. With a fresh install of the latest Arduino and Teensyduino, you should be able to download the latest versions of these libraries using Arduino Library Manager:

  • GifDecoder
  • AnimatedGIF
  • SmartMatrix

Then edit the AnimatedGifs example in SmartMatrix to match your SmartMatrix Shield and HUB75 panel configuration. I’m guessing you have a SmartMatrix Shield V3, so you’ll want to uncomment this header file:

#include <MatrixHardware_Teensy3_ShieldV1toV3.h>

and switch SD_CS to pin 15 to match the shield:

    //#define SD_CS BUILTIN_SDCARD
    #define SD_CS 15

And please post back with more details if it’s still not working


This is the error I keep getting while compiling. What does it mean?

SmartMatrix sketches mostly work now. What doesn’t work is what I need, SD GIF player. What’s out there?

Okay I found the Teensyduino and got it running…but the Teensy32x32MatrixSlideShow (Slideshow.ino), AnimatedGIFs.ino with this error always popping up while attempting to compile:


// NOTE: new callback function required after we moved to using the external AnimatedGIF library to decode GIFs

Still not working…
Are these the ONLY two Teensy sketches, that address an SD card for storage of GIFs, that exisit? Anywhere?