Smartmatrix and APA102


Its possible use Smartmatrix with Teensy to play animated GIF with APA102 led ?

I’m not sure if possible, I have read something about Photon, seem it’s a library to control APA102 with STM32. I may work with STM32, but if possible I prefer Kinetis.

Kind Regards.

There’s an early start to this here:

It’s unsupported for now, but there are some working examples for use with an APA102 matrix

Thank you Louis, I will check.

Hello Louis.

I want test Smartmatrix with APA102, I have open the library, but do not know where connect clock and data.
This library is for Kinetis/Teensy or its only for STM32 ??

I do not know what is photon, seem some board with STM32. I prefer develop my own board, but Im not sure if may be with Kinetis MK66 or only with STM32, and where connect clock and data.

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The APA102 branch should support the Teensy (Kinetis), but I haven’t used it in a while. I don’t recall the pins, it’s probably the default SPI pins for Teensy.

The Photon support is described here:

Ok, thank you Louis.
Then I will check with Teensy 3.6.

SmartMatrix for Teensy or Photon, both with APA102 have the same features, or one has more options than the other?
Both support animated GIF with APA102 ?, I am interested in playing videos with APA102.

The Photon product hasn’t been released, but I have tested playing GIFs on an APA102 matrix with the open source code I published

The APA102 code for Photon is currently further along than the Teensy code, but that may change as I’m focusing on support for a new Teensy shield I’m going to be releasing shortly.

Im a little confussing with the libraries and examples.
May you provide direct link with a source code to play Animated GIF with APA102 ?, if possible for Teensy, though I may try also with STM32 (I understand that photon source may run also in a Discovery).


There’s no guarantee this will still work, I haven’t tried this code in over a year and Particle has been updating their libraries in the meantime. There’s no link for Teensy code that “just works”

Ok, thanks Louis, I will check.
Then AnimatedGIF source code may be configured for Led panels or APA102 leds ?

The AnimatedGIF source code is intended for use with the SmartMatrix Library, but can fairly easily be configured for use with another library.

Ok, thanks, I go to check it.