SmartMatrix as typical scrolling message board

Has anyone looked at turning the smart matrix into a typical scrolling message display? IE: you can program in a variety of messages with various effects and have each message play for a certain amount of time.

Right now I am working with a 16x96 matrix and my thought is to have a series of .msg files on the sd card. The main loop of the program will simple process these .msg files and display the messages accordingly. Each .msg file will define the message to display, font, scroll direction, background image, etc.

It occurred to me that I might be reinventing the wheel here, so I was wondering if anyone knows of a project that does something similar to this, that I could perhaps contribute to rather than start from square two. (I say square two because the smart matrix library already does the hard stuff).

After I’ve hammered out the basic functionality I plan to add support for configuring messages (or at least a “playlist” with an IR remote control, and maybe an app that will allow users to easily create the .msg files and copy them to the sd card)

Aurora has a feature which sounds very close to what you’re after:

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I have made a Matrix with 16x192 pixel for a DJ to show text messages and audio visualization
the messages are stored on sd card and can be switched with a IR remote or or typed directly via web interface

here is the link to my video but it is german

here is the link to the web server source code


That is an awesome build, thanks for sharing! Glad to see that Aurora works on such a large display!

@Nightfighter32 This is great, thanks for sharing! Do you have a forked copy of Aurora with your changes for fitting on a 16x192 display? I’m interested to see how many changes were needed.

I have taken the sm3-64x64 git and I have deleted some patterns because some didn’t work well with this matrix size or displayed wrong

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