Using Aurora with Teensy Audio Library


Just played a bit with the Teensy Audio Library and would like to ask if it’s possible to use it instead of the special hardware MSGEQ7? I looked at the audio-header files but it’s a bit out of my scope to rewrite it :slight_smile:

I don’t have this chip right now but it would be really cool to use all these fancy patterns with the teensy library…

Thanks and regards,

Hi Jan,

Yes, you can for some cases. Take a look at the ‘SpectrumAnalyzer’ example included in the SmartMatrix Library. It uses the ADC and Teensy Audio Library instead of the MSGEQ7. It does take a significant amount of CPU to do the FFT. The Teensy Audio Shield isn’t compatible with SmartMatrix as some of the SmartMatrix-specific pins and Audio shield pins conflict.

Hi Louis,
I’ve already used the example and extended it to use a fft1024 with 32 bands. It’s working fine on my teensy 3.6 but I would line to use those fancy audio patterns of Aurora :slight_smile:
As I don’t use the Audio Adapter but only the library and also the USB-Audio I don’t have any pin-conflicts.

Maybe it’s possible to abstract the used audio-device so the patterns are more sealed and can accept many devices as input?

Sorry, I missed the “Aurora” in the title. I don’t think there’s support for using the Teensy Audio Library in Aurora. I believe @Jason tried it at one point but it was likely too much CPU overhead for everything to run at once. Maybe it’s possible with the Teensy 3.6, but support isn’t built into Aurora. Take a look at AudioLogic.h

Yeah, Aurora doesn’t natively support FFT. I doubt I’ll have time to spend on this any time soon, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to convert the audio patterns and/or audio logic.