Using Processing w/ SmartMatrix & Teensy?

I’d like to make generative animations in Processing for my SmartMatrix shield & Teensy. Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to get started on that?

I can use this beesandbombs-inspired tutorial here to make GIFs in Processing, but I’d rather make something generative that can run for hours.

Alternatively, if someone has a tutorial for getting started using a different language / IDE, let me know. Thanks!

It’s not a tutorial, but Fadecandy has some Processing examples, and a modified version of Fadecandy Server can drive SmartMatrix panels:

This tutorial has some more Fadecandy examples:

And they point to this series of tutorials on YouTube for how to make more art with Processing.

Hope that helps, I’m curious if you find some other resources too so please post back!

Thanks. You reminded to plug in my hard-drive that failed a few months ago and rescue what I was working on at that time. I just published LEDpijp, which pushes Processing sketches over USB/serial to LEDs.

I can’t remember where I left things. I’m sure that it’s in an extremely messy state. But, both the Arduino and the Processing sketches worked for me just now on a Teensy 4.1. I got 60 FPS at 128x64. The readme describes how adding 2 lines of code should be enough to stream other Processing sketches. I haven’t tested that much.