Will this led matrix work ok?

Hi, I’m trying to source a 64x32 p4 matrix from aliexpress. I’m looking at the following panel: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32633386488.html from Coreman

the supplier sent me this when I asked him is the panel ABCDE


Will this panel work ok with smartmatrix?

Also whats the max size a Teensy can drive…would it be ok with 5 of these panels if say I lower the bit depth and refresh rate?



That is a 4bit panel to control the row number, that is an ABCD or Scan 1/16, not an ABCDE Scan 1/32. In either case they would both work. ABCDE panels are usually the 64*64 pixel ones.

The only thing conflicting until recently was the driver chip that installed the panel. The FM6126 and also the ICN2038S do not work the same as the rest of the chips, and there may be some more of the new ones that are being released by the Chinese.

However, the sequence to configure the FM6126 is implemented in Smartmatrix, which I do not know if that sequence will also work with the ICN2038S and others, because in the Datasheet that is on the Internet there is no information regarding the configuration of the Records 11 and 12 that have been used in that startup sequence, I do not know where that information came from, surely from some technical documentation from the manufacturer that is not public.

Five 64*32 panels will probably be easily supported by a Teensy 4. I don’t know if Smartmatrix has any control of maximum resolution allowed or simply the performance decreases as you increase the number of chained panels.

Awesome stuff. Thanks for the reply. I’ll give it a go and see how I get on.

Keep in mind the FM6126A support hasn’t been released yet, but you can try it in the teensylc branch, and Teensy 4 support is also not released yet but it seems promising and a shield design is being prototyped

Coreman has been happy to deliver me panels with the FM6124 chip which works great.