64x64 LED Matrix?

Curious is anyone is using a 64x64 led matrix? I have this one like this:


But it seems to only use rows 1-16 and 33-48; the other 32 rows stay blank. Any tips for getting this panel working right?

Config options:
kMatrixWidth = 64
kMatrixHeight = 64

Looks like that panel is 1/32 scan, and I only see support for 1/8 and 1/16 scan: https://github.com/pixelmatix/SmartMatrix/blob/master/src/SmartMatrix3.h#L128-L129

I think the library would need updated to support 1/32 scan, but @Louis would have to confirm.

Here’s a related topic, getting a 1/4 scan panel to work: SmartMatrix with 1/4 scan hub75 panels

I sourced some /2 and /4 panels so at some point in the future I will try to get these supported in the SmartMatrix Library. I’ll try to make it easy to support a /32 panel as well.

I bought this panel, looks very similar to yours just half the pixels. hasn’t shipped yet:


I realized that a /32 panel will need an extra address line to the display. Can you send me a picture of your panel so I know where the pin is?

There aren’t any free pins in the same port as the address pins, they’re all used by SPI for the microSD card. If you’re not using the microSD card, this isn’t a problem. If you are using the microSD card, the best solution is probably to move the SD chip select pin to another pin on the Teensy, and route that pin to the extra address line on the panel.

Are you using a SmartMatrix Shield or just wiring up a Teensy to the panel? If you have a shield, which version are you using?

Here are a couple images of the P2.5 64x64 1/32 scan panel. I’m not using the shield, so can wire the extra address line as required.

Full board:

Thanks for the pics, I’ll post back when I get my panel and start working on this. Since you’re not using the shield it should be an easy change for you, just wiring an extra wire after the software’s updated.

Hi! I

just bought the same matrix and discovered this while trying to make it work. Have you had any success with it it yet? If not, I’d be happy to help!

[cheeky edit] I’m seeing one problem though - it seems the teensy is out of PWM pins, and I’m assuming the ADX pins need PWM? (As they’re all attached to PWM pins). Is a normal analog pin going to work, or will this require some advanced trickery?


Hi Rob,

ADDX pins don’t need to be PWM pins. They do all need to be in the same port group, Port C. Pin C0 - which is called 15 on the Teensy - is the only easily accessible pin that can be used for this. (schematic reference)

You’ll need to add/modify the ADDX definitions in MatrixHardware_KitV1.h to drive a 5th ADDX pin on C0/15

You’ll need to create a new configuration for SMARTMATRIX_HUB75_32ROW_MOD8SCAN following an example like SMARTMATRIX_HUB75_32ROW_MOD32SCAN in SmartMatrix3.h

There might be some useful notes here:


sorry this took a while, only just got around to playing with this. Thank you for all the info!

I think the panel I have might be different - mine weirdly enough only has address pins A and B, which doesn’t make any sense to me. The pins that are C, D, and E in the picture above are “NC”, “GND”, and “GND” respectively on my matrix.

I got the matrix addressing things correctly on the X axis, but on the Y axis I’m clearly missing addressing bits:

Can you tell from this how the matrix should be set up?


If the pins are correctly labeled, then you have a /4 panel, and need to shift in 16 rows at a time per latch, 8 rows at a time per RGB channel. The software modifications to SmartMatrix will be similar to what I posted earlier for you. There’s no easy fix to get this panel to work right now

This 64x64 P2 1/32 scan panel just came up in the FastLED G+ community. There isn’t a clear picture of the connector:

G+ post:

Wow, 2mm pitch is tiny! I get a 404 error for the G+ link, and didn’t see a relevant post when I scanned through the FastLED Community, maybe it got deleted. Anyway, I do see “HUB-75E” on the panel, so it’s likely it’s a similar pinout to what is on the SmartMatrix Shield, but as it’s listed as 1/32 scan, will need a 5th address pin which the SmartMatrix Shield doesn’t have. I still have a 1/32 scan panel I haven’t played with yet, so I’m going to hold off on ordering one of these for now.

Yeah, I was ready to order one, but then realized it isn’t supported. I fixed the G+ link.

Hi, I’m new to this Pixelmatrix/Smartmatrix thing but i have plenty of the P2 and P2.5 1/32 scan panels for my own purpose lying around… :wink:

On Panel side, I could also test “normal” 64x32 16scan panels in different sizes.
I have no problem testing and trying to figure things out for you guys but my coding skills are more rudimental/ basic :frowning:

I tried to read the most recent topics but couldn’t figure out if only 32 scan hub75e aren’t supported or any of the 64x64 matrixes?

Hardware side I can test with stm32f407, teensy 3.2, Freescale FRDM-K64F, Raspberry Zero - 3 (almost all of them)

So if there are things to test hardware side, just tell me :smiley:

Greetings from Germany,

Hi Dom, 1/32 scan isn’t supported yet and it will likely be some time until it’s supported. I have a plan for how to support it, but it’s a major change to how SmartMatrix works, so it will probably be in a 4.0 release.

For anyone that wants 64x64 that just works: I’ve just got two 64x32 1/16 scan panels working while chained together with no issue at all. Buying both of them cost less than the original faulty 32x32 panel I bought too so at least I ended up with 4 times as many pixels.

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Hey! So have anyone dealt with the 64x64 led matrix? I’m using it with arduino uno, and connect this additional ‘E’ pin to the ground on my arduino (as for 32x32 leds), but the result is so far from what I’ve expected. I’ve expected to get one smile on the top left. But eventually it dublicates it to another section. Like it divides my matrix into four 32x32 sections. Is the problem with ‘E’ pin only? Or there is something else?

I’m not exactly sure how the E pin is used to divide the display. If you tie it to Ground, you can probably treat the display as a 16x64 or 32x64 display. If you treat it as 32x32, the pattern will more or less repeat every 32 horizontal pixels (as you see).

For anyone still following this thread, and not the other 64x64 matrix thread, there is now 64x64/32 panel support in the latest code pushed to GitHub, and it will be packaged up in the next release. This requires the new SmartMatrix Shield V4, which has a new way of driving the ADDX lines, and drives 5x instead of 4x ADDX lines.