[SOLVED] 64x32 LED matrix Library recommendation ?!


If you need extra scan patterns, you have to define them with code.
Almost all 64x32 panels are 16 row scans, while the 64x64 panels tend to be 32 row scan (E address needed).
The old 32x16 panels are typically 16 row scan
That said, there are exceptions given that panel makers can do anything they want (sadly)


I’ve tried doing that and I don’t understand what to do even when looking at MultiRowRefreshMapping.

Well, that’s too bad, because my panel is 64x32 with 1/8.


I can’t tell you how to define your own mapping, I never had to do it myself, and honestly would just avoid panels that require yet another mapping (given that I’d rather spend my time on other things).
Indeed your quickest route is to get other panels as already discussed.
Good luck with your project



Thanks, mate ! Really, thank you ! You’ve been of great help !

If I end up making my own mapping, I will post it here and/or make a pull request on GitHub.

If I end up getting other panels I will post my finished project here as well.

Thank you again and have a nice day !