Teesny 3.2 and V4 board issue


I have the Teensy 3.2 and the SmartMatrix Shield V4, i have connected this up to a 16x32 (32 columns, 16 rows). I have uploaded the “Feature Demo” and commented out all but Demo 1.

The demo works but the text is scrambled (same with all the other demos). This is what is displayed:

Strange thing is that all the background colours and brightness control works fine (tested by changing the const rgb24 defaultBackgroundColor = {0x40, 0, 0};

i have tried all of the following options, but none work:


They just move the scrambled image around the display

Any ideas?


It appears that A (pin 9) and B (pin 10) of the address are open but C (pin 11),D (pin 12) and E (pin 8) are connected to ground, could this be the issue? if so can i modify the code to work with my matrix?

although all the colours and brightness is working, so maybe this is not the issue

Sound to me like you have to create a map for them.

Mapping is a new feature, there’s some info here: