128x64 HUB75E panels

I just received a couple.
A teensy 3.6 can run 2 of them chained if you really want to, but the refresh rate is truly terrible :slight_smile:

It was easier to run them as 128x64.
They work with SMARTMATRIX_HUB75_64ROW_MOD32SCAN except that they also use those new FM6126A chips, so they don’t even light up unless you send them the magic reset string, and even then I had to send it multiple times for it to go 128 wide and finally allow the whole panel to light up (or I was missing columns as the later shifters weren’t working).
Even then, I still have the problem where the top half and bottom half of the panel look different:

(for reference a P4 64x32 panel and a P3 64x64 panel on the side)

Still, cool panels to get so many pixels in such a small form factor.
The downside is that the pixels are super fragile and some corner ones fell off as soon as I unpacked the panel :frowning:

Tried to take a shot at 128x128, but even in darkness, my cell phone shutter wouldn’t stay open long enough to get a whole frame

Do you have a link to buy one?

I find it useful to light the background with a bright light before trying to photograph the panels so the camera does a longer exposure.

Is the bottom half not showing any blue pixels?

Don’t remember for sure about the missing color, but indeed I think it’s indeed blue