16x32 scrolling text issue

Hi I just setup my new SmartMatrix with a 16x32 RGB panel. It looks fantastic and I’m surprised it wasn’t too difficult to put together.

I’m just having some problems with the scrolling text menus. The text is at the very bottom and basically cut off. This is after changing the following settings:

kMatrixHeight = 16

If I leave everything as default:

kMatrixHeight = 32

The text is centered but all the visuals are cut off.

Is there something else I need to change before compiling a build for 16x32?

What Arduino sketch are you running? Aurora? I don’t think it has been optimized much for 16x32 panels as it was written with the 32x32 panel in mind.

Yeah sorry, I forgot to mention running the Aurora sketch.

I read in this thread that the text issue had been fixed, but the links seem dead in that thread.

“I made it vertically center the scrolling menu text regardless of display size (tested on 32 and 16 so far).”

Got it, the sm3.0 branch has been merged into the main branch for Aurora, and then deleted. You can get the code just by downloading the .zip from Github, from the main page, not the releases page. The code to support 16x32 hasn’t been packaged up into a release yet.

I downloaded the code from the Github (last commit 20 April 2016), unfortunately same result.

The scrolling text is off the bottom of the screen.

Do you have this code in your Aurora sketch main file?

#define MATRIX_HEIGHT kMatrixHeight
#define MATRIX_WIDTH kMatrixWidth

What value do you have set for kMatrixHeight in your sketch?

I’ve set the kMatrixHeight & kPanelType to the following:

kMatrixHeight = 16

If I leave everything as default (following settings):

kMatrixHeight = 32

The text is perfectly centered but there are issues with Animations (GIFS) and visualizations.

Hey, sorry for the trouble. The last time I tried this on a 32x16 matrix the menus and most patterns worked fine, but it’s been a while. I’ll try it again as soon as I can and report back.

The vertical position for the menu scrolling text can be adjusted in the Aurora settings menu, have you tried that? You can also look on the SD card in the /aurora/menuY.txt file, which is where the setting is stored.

Thanks for the help guys. I created a menuY.txt file and put it on the SD. Scrolling menu text works perfectly now :slight_smile:

Just one last thing, is it possible to move the Y position of the other on-screen text items?

The “pause/play” & “rainbow/lava/ice/etc.” & “brightness value”

Great! It’s odd that you had to create the file to fix it, as it should default to centered vertically, based on the matrix height. Glad it’s working now, though.

I’ll try to get the other text centered vertically soon.

I just published changes to fix the vertical alignment of indicators (brightness, pause, etc):

There are still lots of patterns, settings, etc that don’t display correctly on 32x16 displays, but hopefully this will get you by for now. :slight_smile:

Fantastic, thanks so much Jason.

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