17x40 code setup

I know this is kind of a F.A.Q. concerning configurations orresolutions greater than 16 or 32x32, but I believe this is an odd one. I have an apparently custom LED module with every other row offset by a half, and the pixel dimensions are 17 tall by 40 wide. It has the same common 16 pin idc connector and same 5v power pads as a standard 16x32 led module that I have.

I’m not worried about the offset rows but I am not sure if I can just program it like a 32x32 and call it a day or if that just wouldn’t work like I think it will.

I was wondering what I might need to change as far as code goes. There seems to be kPanelType, kMatrixWidth, and kMatrixHeight.

Further digging seems to point at this being a problem when it comes to the memory and allocating buffers.

Any help would be appreciated in setting the code up for this, or even just advice on where to look or what I could do to run this thing.


Hi John,

This code is what maps rows in the layers to a row of pixels to shift out to the panel. (note that this code repeats in the 24 and 36-bit loadMatrixBuffers functions). I’m not sure you can refresh your panel just by changing some of the #defines, you may need to write a custom function to map to your panel.

I’ve never tried refreshing a panel that not a power of two in width or height. You may find you need to make your layer dimensions 32x64, and just not use the excess pixels in both dimensions for refresh.

Please post back if you need more help or if you get something working!