Hi All,

First thanks for everyone’s help with my previous issues. Secondly, I purchased an outdoor 64x32 LED RGB Matrix that appears to be a 1:8 Scan rate since the 1:16 doesn’t work.

In just trying to get the FeatureDemo example running, I simply changed the panel type to:

const uint8_t kPanelType = SM_PANELTYPE_HUB75_32ROW_64COL_MOD8SCAN;

but when I attempt to compile it using Teensyduino, the first of many errors is:

FeatureDemo:30: error: ‘SM_PANELTYPE_HUB75_32ROW_64COL_MOD8SCAN’ was not declared in this scope, which is odd, because every other panel type listed in MatrixCommonHub75.h will compile and upload just fine even if it doesn’t work.

Has anyone else run into this?

I found another post regarding the mapping, but from the Youtube video, my panel and the panel in the post have identical mapping and this appears to be the correct kPanelType.

Thank you all in advance for any guidance.


That panel definition isn’t included in the latest release. I haven’t done a release in a while so to get that definition you’ll need to download the library from GitHub (main page not releases)

That fixed it! Thank you so much Louis.