64x64 ESP32 with colourful background

I m using this ESP32 adapter (pic below) and got it working with the DMA this library
( confirmed no issues with wiring )

When trying with SmartMatrix libs, I got a noisy background layer as per the 2nd pic below , I can see the scrolling text working fine…

Here are my settings, everything else is as default…

Any hints or pointers on how to troubleshoot or fix this noisy background ???

Thanks for reading this message …

#include "MatrixHardware_Custom.h"                  // Copy an existing MatrixHardware file to your Sketch directory, rename, customize, and you can include it like this
#include <SmartMatrix.h>

#define COLOR_DEPTH 24                  // Choose the color depth used for storing pixels in the layers: 24 or 48 (24 is good for most sketches - If the sketch uses type `rgb24` directly, COLOR_DEPTH must be 24)
const uint16_t kMatrixWidth = 64;       // Set to the width of your display, must be a multiple of 8
const uint16_t kMatrixHeight = 64;      // Set to the height of your display
const uint8_t kRefreshDepth = 36;       // Tradeoff of color quality vs refresh rate, max brightness, and RAM usage.  36 is typically good, drop down to 24 if you need to.  On Teensy, multiples of 3, up to 48: 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 33, 36, 39, 42, 45, 48.  On ESP32: 24, 36, 48
const uint8_t kDmaBufferRows = 4;       // known working: 2-4, use 2 to save RAM, more to keep from dropping frames and automatically lowering refresh rate.  (This isn't used on ESP32, leave as default)
const uint8_t kPanelType = SM_PANELTYPE_HUB75_64ROW_MOD32SCAN;   // Choose the configuration that matches your panels.  See more details in MatrixCommonHub75.h and the docs: https://github.com/pixelmatix/SmartMatrix/wiki
const uint32_t kMatrixOptions = (SM_HUB75_OPTIONS_NONE);        // see docs for options: https://github.com/pixelmatix/SmartMatrix/wiki
const uint8_t kBackgroundLayerOptions = (SM_BACKGROUND_OPTIONS_NONE);
const uint8_t kScrollingLayerOptions = (SM_SCROLLING_OPTIONS_NONE);
const uint8_t kIndexedLayerOptions = (SM_INDEXED_OPTIONS_NONE);

Working libs = GitHub - mrfaptastic/ESP32-HUB75-MatrixPanel-I2S-DMA: An Adafruit GFX Compatible Library for the original ESP32, to drive 64x32px or 64x64px HUB75 LED matrix modules using the ESP32's DMA engine for high refresh rates. Supports panel chaining.

I don’t have any obvious suggestions. Try using this for kMatrixOptions: SMARTMATRIX_OPTIONS_ESP32_INVERT_CLK

Also try lowering ESP32_I2S_CLOCK_SPEED inside MatrixHardware_Custom.h