64x64 Matrix issues

I have a 64x64 matrix with the smartmatrix v4 and a Teensy 3.6. When running the example FeatureDemo all I get is this:

. It has a Teensy 3.6 on it with 5v attached to both the smartmatrix and the 64x64 display.

I did change a couple lines of code to define the 64x64 matrix. Here are the relevant lines:

#define COLOR_DEPTH 24 // known working: 24, 48 - If the sketch uses type rgb24 directly, COLOR_DEPTH must be 24
const uint8_t kMatrixWidth = 64; // known working: 32, 64, 96, 128
const uint8_t kMatrixHeight = 64; // known working: 16, 32, 48, 64
const uint8_t kRefreshDepth = 36; // known working: 24, 36, 48
const uint8_t kDmaBufferRows = 4; // known working: 2-4, use 2 to save memory, more to keep from dropping frames and automatically lowering refresh rate
const uint8_t kPanelType = SMARTMATRIX_HUB75_64ROW_MOD32SCAN; // use SMARTMATRIX_HUB75_16ROW_MOD8SCAN for common 16x32 panels, or use SMARTMATRIX_HUB75_64ROW_MOD32SCAN for common 64x64 panels
const uint8_t kMatrixOptions = (SMARTMATRIX_OPTIONS_NONE); // see http://docs.pixelmatix.com/SmartMatrix for options
const uint8_t kBackgroundLayerOptions = (SM_BACKGROUND_OPTIONS_NONE);
const uint8_t kScrollingLayerOptions = (SM_SCROLLING_OPTIONS_NONE);
const uint8_t kIndexedLayerOptions = (SM_INDEXED_OPTIONS_NONE);

Thoughts on what to do?

What #includes are at the top? Can you show a picture of the Teensy installed in the SmartLED Shield and the connection to the panel?

I tried to add a picture of the connections but new people are apparently limited to a single picture per post. Here it is:

The includes are:

#include <SmartLEDShieldV4.h> // comment out this line for if you’re not using SmartLED Shield V4 hardware (this line needs to be before #include <SmartMatrix3.h>)
#include <SmartMatrix3.h>
#include “colorwheel.c”
#include “gimpbitmap.h”

In the picture you will see the green and yellow wires are not connected to anything. Where are they supposed to be connected?

Here’s a link to the instructions again: http://docs.pixelmatix.com/SmartMatrix/shield-v4.html

The ribbon cable needs to be plugged in to the top of the board, there’s photos in the instructions.

The yellow and green wires are only used for driving APA102 LEDs, “You may want to cut the ends off or tape over the exposed JST SM cable green/yellow wires to avoid causing shorts”

Of course you are correct.

In my defense I guess all I can say is after making thousands of connections in my electronics life, I plugged the cable into the connector as one would normally expect and didn’t read the cable plugging instruction.

Thank you for your help on this and it is working fine now.