64x64 Matrix & SmartMatrix SmartLED Shield (V4) for Teensy

This is my first use of a matrix display. Here are the hardware parts being used:
SmartMatrix SmartLED Shield (V4) for Teensy
64x64 RGB LED Matrix - 3mm Pitch
Teensy 3.6

I want to confirm how the Teensy 3.6 fits into the Shield. The shield has a side with 3 large connectors and the other side has 2 large IC’s on it. If the marking on the Teensy and the shield are all correct, the Teensy will plug into the shield from the side OPPOSITE the 3 big connectors. That seems counter intuitive to me.

Can someone confirm that is the correct way to assemble these two parts?

Hi, did you find the assembly instructions here?


It does seem unusual to plug the Teensy that way, but it results in a lower profile than if the connectors were used the usual way. These connectors are designed to allow pins from the reverse side.

No I did not. I was looking at the Adafruit and Sparkfun websites.

Thank you very much!