64x64 Matrix with Teensy 4.1

Using a taped on coin for the RTC. Next steps are to solder on a coin battery holder (the battery will come loose sometimes) and get some preferably walnut colored wood for a casing. Havnt had much luck in finding wood though.

This is only on 10% brightness! I hadnt expected it to be so bright.

What is your power supply ? This matrix needs about 8-10A current for max bright

I was informed that it needs 4 amps for full brightness all white. I just use a 2 amp power supply and can reliably get around 50-70% brightness. I havnt tried higher though

I made a Walnut box for mine. Looks great.

Using a 2.5 amp wall wart no problems but my house is dark so I keep brightness low and my software doesn’t ever light all the pixels.

Very nice! Same here, brightness isnt a priority so I use 2 amps. Although the screen will be fully lit at times it doesn’t seem to be an issue up to 50-70% brightness.

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What matrix are you using? I’ve got something similar and I’m having trouble with it.

I am using this one

IIRC its the 2.5mm pitch one.

The panels that look similar may have a different schematic.