ABC Panels with ICN2038S

Hi All,

I’m new on the forum and going right in with a question :slight_smile:
I’ve got a number of 128x64 panels which only have the ABC addressing and the ICN2038S chips. I understand that SmartMatrix doesn’t support these panels but is there any plans to do so?
If not, that’s fine and I’ll likely pop them on eBay and have someone else have a go at them n(making sure they’re aware that they’re a PITA!).
If there is any beta support or any tips/tricks which may tickle it into working then I’d love to hear more!
In the meantime, great work on the library - I have it working fine on 64x64 and below…just not on these awkward 128x64 panels…

Hope you can help.

Probably should have mentioned that I’m working with ESP32 and an ESP32-Trinity adapter board for HUB75 panels. :+1:

they are not supported by SmartMatrix last I checked, but they are by rpi-led-matrix:

The current status of ICN2038S is captured here:

It’s possible someone sent me a sample panel with ICN2038S chips on it, it’s been so long that I forgot. I’m not planning on adding support for it anytime soon though, sorry.