Adafruit Matrix Portal S3

This is a really long shot but I have the Matrix Portal S3 which uses an ESP32 and has the interface to plug into an LED matrix. I’m not happy with their protomatter library. What would I have to know to build a custom matrix hardware file to use the smart matrix libraries?

I don’t think SmartMatrix Library is compatible with the ESP32-S3, and I don’t have any plans to add support in the short term

Looks like there are loads of breaking changes of how i2s is handled by esp32-s3

Hi, Louis. Why is it that you believe the SmartMatrix Library isn’t compatible with the ESP32-S3?

I don’t recall where I learned about it, but I think it has a major change to the DMA peripherals. This other library has support and looks like it was a major change:

Thanks for the prompt response, Louis. :slightly_smiling_face: I will check out Mr. Faptastic’s code to see what he’s done.

I tried to hack something together for the update, but was way out of my depth