AnimARTrix for SmartMatrix development updates

I’m experimenting with domain warping in a polar coordinate system.

This is how it looks.

This animation will be part of the examples.

Not sure if I keep it in the final release but with temporal dithering animations can also be blended together without any loss of color depth.

2 animations at the same time consisting of 6 layers each.


If I had a couple of beers on hand, I could stare at this all evening long! :grinning::beers:

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Ha, try this hypnotic one - I bet after 1-2 minutes it catches you! :wink: Enjoy the preview, code release is in 2 weeks.

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Today I released the code for everything I showed here in the last months: GitHub - StefanPetrick/animartrix at AnimARTrix_SmartMatrix

It’s tested on 32x32, but scaling up should be no problem.

Confirmed to run on 64x64