Animated GIF Collection

Here’s a few galleries from our collection of 32x32-pixel Animated GIFs. We’ll be adding more to this collection over time, so please check back.

This gallery has some duplicates from above, but also some unique content (Mario End Credits, Tron Legacy Demo):

This gallery from @mannymiller1 has some duplicates but a lot of new GIFs too:

Imgur galleries are supposed to show up with a preview of the content in the forum, but a forum bug is preventing this from working right now. When our forum software gets updated, imgur links should look much better.

Here are a few videos I’ve made of SmartMatrix running different animations:

Tiny Barbarian by StarQuail Games:

Dino Run by Pixeljam:

PIXEL Animated gifs

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The fine folks at Pixeljam just sent me more 32x32 animated GIFs they made just for us. :slight_smile:

Added @mannymiller1’s collection to the wiki post

So, 32x32 was cool last year. Now the cool kids are doing 64x64.
My bestof collection:

More nice ones here, but those are a bit big if you don’t have an sdcard or have other memory issues:

and more here: