Animated GIFs on ESP32 DEV suddenly stopped working

Hello. I am trying to run the Animated GIFs on a 32x32 1:16 matrix (P5-2121-32*32-16S-A1.0) and a ESP32 DEV C board. I finally got it working using the Hub75 adapter pin-out. I was powering the esp with the usb and the matrix and sd card module from a 5v psu. I decided to plug the sd module into the second pigtail for the matrix to get my 5v. I stupidly forgot the usb was still plugged in. Everything played fine for about 10 minutes. My head was turned, i heard a snap sound, and when i looked back, the matrix was scrolling NO SD CARD. OK…thought i fried the module. replaced it with a new one and same message( which is telling me the sketch is still running as that is supposed to display when no card is mounted). So then i replaced the esp with a new one just to be thorough. The sketch uploaded fine but it still displays the same message. I even replaced the matrix this morning …and still same message scrolling on the matrix. I have not changed anything in the code since this issue popped up. I am at a loss as i have replaced all the hardware one piece at a time. To get everything displaying proper with a added sd module, i had to reassign 3 of the hub75 pins in the MatrixHardware_ESP32_V0.h…(pin 9 is now 32, pin 18 is now 27, and pin 19 is now 16) as i needed them for the sd module. Again, everything ran fine for until i messed with my power source for the sd module. I am at a complete loss as to where the problem is. Sorry if this is rambling on, i am a bit flustered atm…any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks

I decided to plug the sd module into the second pigtail for the matrix

I don’t know what that means. Can you share a picture or schematic?

Do you have a voltmeter to measure the power going to the SD card to make sure it’s still getting power?

In case it’s relevant, the SD card needs to be powered at 3.3v not 5v

Thanks for the reply. I do not have a picture at the moment as the setup is in my shop. The pigtail i referred to is the power cable the led matrix comes with. It has two 4 pin connectors for powering two matrix’s.

In my frustration with myself, i did not check for power at the sd card module… I will check that Monday when i am back in my shop. According to the sd card reader manufacturer, there is a 3.3v voltage regulator built in. I will also try using the 3.3v pin on the esp for power. I will get back with results on Monday. Thanks again for the response. I have been trying to muscle thru this on my own for fear of sounding stupid…

Update…everything is now working so far. I got rid of the rats nest of jumpers i was using to connect everything and made a little shield to plug everything in. I also did some tests with the sd modules i have with an Arduino Uno and they only seem to work when supplied with 5v, not 3.3v. I still need to clean up the board design, but it is working. Thanks for the suggestions to figure this out.

This is my hacked together board :sweat_smile:

Glad you got things working!