Animated Gifs sketch !help!

Trying to get the Gifs sketch running on Teensy 3.6 and v4 shield, and having some troubles.
No compile errors, but just get the ‘‘no sd card’’ on matrix. I am running all the latest libraries and code.
This line has me confused –
// Teensy SD Library requires a trailing slash in the directory name
#define GIF_DIRECTORY “/gifs/”
as i cant make a file or folder in windows with a ‘’/’’ character. I have tried changing the ‘’/gifs/’’ in this
line to something else with no luck. I have tried and bought several new SD cards all formatted to FAT32.
Sorry for being a total newb, as I know its something simple I am hopefully overlooking. Thank you in advance.

You don’t need to add the slash to the folder name on the SD card. The trailing slash just needs to be added to the string sent to the SD card library.

You’re not running a beta Teensyduino are you?

You could try a basic SD library example sketch and see if it can connect to the SD card. Make sure you’re using the BUILTIN_SDCARD definition for the SD chip select pin

The “no sd card” error means it isn’t even able to communicate with the card

FWIW, I’ve used beta 5 and 6 versions of Teensydunio 1.54 with the animated gifs sketch that I modified slightly using both 32GB (SD-HC) and 64GB (SD-XC). I just checked and rebuilt it with Teensydunio 1.53 and it works there with a 32GB card.

Note, in 1.54 they are completely changing the SD layer, moving from the old/musty SD.h to using SdFat (SD.h now includes SdFat.h). If you use 1.53 or earlier, the SD library could only handle the FAT32 filesystem. This meant you could only use 32GB cards or smaller (SD or SD-HC), and 64GB cards would not work.

Since the SD interface is changing, one common error is to have an older copy of SD.h in the your local files (~/Arduino under Linux).

In terms of changes that I made, I added the lines:

#if defined(ARDUINO_TEENSY40) || defined(ARDUINO_TEENSY41)
#include <MatrixHardware_Teensy4_ShieldV5.h> // SmartLED Shield for Teensy 4 (V5)

To automatically select the V5 shield. I don’t have a Teensy 3.5/3.6 shield, so I didn’t bother putting the code in for that.

I also set kMatrixWidth to 64 to match my local displays.

On the SD card, make a directory ‘gifs’ and put the animated gif files in that directory (the comment about the ‘/’ is more for the code using the file as a pathname).

Thanks for the help, guys. I finally got it going after checking all the libraries and updating the SD.h ( would never have found that one). Teensy 4 and new V5 shield will be here this week, so thanks for the update on that as well. Now if I could only get the Aurora sketch working :wink: Thanks again for the help.