APA102C white pixel?

Hy, i was looking to run addressable led with smooth fades at low level brightness, so i wanna go with smartmatrix. But i dont wanna go RGB. So can i run APA102C (white / cool white) ?

I guess to run wwa stripes like sk6812 there is no support, do you know any wwa pixels i can go with ?

Thanks !

I bought some APA102C strips with warm and cool white back in 2016, but haven’t found a source since (as I haven’t been looking). I don’t know exactly how the lights work, I’m guessing there are three white LEDs per package, but haven’t tested extensively

hey Louis, thx for your reply. Yes, there are three white LEDs per package, thats where i wanna try to achieve more deepth in greyscales. I didn‘t see before that the sk9822 actually work the same way and there is support for smartmatrix, so i will go with these.