Audio input, what is safe to connect

Wondering what the safe range of audio voltages would be for the audio in jack. I am currently running the unit from a headphone amp no issues. Can I use this on my home theater AVR and connect the jack in parallel with the power amp output? (full speaker driving output).


Hi Matthew, the equalizer chip datasheet doesn’t include any details on input voltage range oddly enough.

I followed the recommended circuit in that datasheet which has a high resistance and a cap separating the audio signals from the input to the chip. I don’t think you will damage anything by trying. Please let us know if this works!

Thanks for the info. That is not the best data sheet ever made is it!

I will give the direct connection a trial and report back.

Finally got around to changing the cable to direct connection to speaker output. Works much better. Issue may be at high volume that even on level 1 gain it might peak. Ah well! Looks great on normal volumes

Glad it’s working! Sorry I don’t have any suggestions on how to avoid peaking on high volumes. There’s probably a simple circuit you could put between the speaker output and the audio input, but this isn’t my area of expertise.