Aurora - A little feature request

Hi there,
first of all thank you for the amazing project! My matrix is running beautifully since a few days now and is still brightening up my day every time i look at it (Pun totally intended :slight_smile: ).

Still i got one little feature request for future versions:
Please implement something in the settings that lets the Matrix continue with the mode it was in when it was switched off. So that it starts with a Pattern or Animation, the color, clock etc. from the last time instead of the “Patterns” text.
In my setup, i got the matrix switched off at night (power disconnected) and start it back up in the morning…

I tried to implement something like this by my self, but for some reason i can’t verify the Aurora sketch in my Arduino Ide. When i start compiling, it just stays in the “Compiling sketch…” state with no message or something in the box below. Is this a known issue? Maybe do to some library collisions or something like that? The SmartMatrix demo sketches compile just fine… I think i got all the correct Versions and librarys…

Thanks again,
greetings from Germany,

Hi Samuel,

I’m glad you like the project! That’s a good feature request, I put it in our system for @Jason and I to prioritize for future releases.

If you can turn on “Show Verbose output during: compilation” in the Arduino IDE preferences, then paste the output you see when compiling, that would help.


Hi Louis,
thanks for the reply.
I switched on the detailed log during compilation and it stopped at the IRremote Library.
Then i tried around a bit and it turned out that there were some things wrong:
First of all i got the IRremote Library in the /documents/Arduino/librarys/ folder as well as in the /Hardware/teensy/avr/librarys folder. This would normally lead to the “multiple libraries found” error. But in my case, because the one in /documents/ folder seams to be an older version of the library (left over from an older project), they weren’t identical and it just stopped.
First time i got a bug like that… Anyway, it works now and compiles just fine :slight_smile: .
Thanks for the hint,

Arduino library conflicts can be a pain, glad you got it figured out!