Aurora on 16x32, possible?

I already have Aurora on a 32x32 and it looks stunning.

Now i have a spare teensy, and 16x32 matrix, installed Aurora just to see how it would look, mainly interested in the spectrum analyzer side of the things. i have used the smartmatrix_32x32 library which seems to work quite well on some patterns, and audio patterns. on others there are some issues. I have tried it using the smartmatrix_16x32 library with Aurora and its unusable.

i am really only interested in the audio pattern sides of things, and understand that it would probably mean a recode on the library side of things. i have no clue about coding, how you guys do half of what you do amazes me. so im hoping that there maybe a simple few lines to adjust that may help me. and someone nice to share them :wink: or just accept that what i have is the best i can get :smile:

Great, glad you like it!

I’ve honestly never tried it, and I don’t have a 16x32 matrix to try it on. I’ve tried to be consistent in using MATRIX_HEIGHT instead of hard-coding to 32, but I’d have to go through them all to make sure. I’ll be out on vacation until Tuesday evening, but I’ll add it to my list of things to do when i get back. :smile:

Arduino is a great place to start learning to write software. I’d start with the basics. After that, even just adding simple patterns to Aurora shouldn’t be too difficult for a beginner. There’s a page in the wiki that goes through how to compile Aurora, and another that shows how to add a new pattern.

Hi Jason,

Thanks for your quick reply. I have played around with the Arduino and some ws2812b strips, with some success.lots of cutting and pasting, trial and error. but being honest it my as well be in chinese :smile:. The 32x32 library is the closest. even the scrolling menu text is centred, some of the patterns work very well, as intended. others not so well… almost if there is a line drawn between pixel 8 and 9. from the bottom. The 16x32 library the text is off the bottom of the screen. and when using any of the patterns, audio patterns all of them have issues.

I loved the Gilad Dayagi + Gottfried Mayer particle sys ( smartmatrix version). i changed the library from 32x32 to 16x32, and they work flawlessly. was hoping it was going to be as simple as that for Aurora.

Please enjoy your vacation. any help, or advice on you return would be great


I just pushed changes to the Aurora sm3.0 branch. The first few audio patterns (at least) should support displays of different heights. I need to order a 32x16 display so I can properly test.

Thanks Jason, that’s brilliant. I have replied in my other thread :smile:. When I get chance this evening I will give them a try and let you know how I get on.

@mannymiller1, I just got a 32x16 panel in today, and I’ve made one simple change to Aurora so far. I made it vertically center the scrolling menu text regardless of display size (tested on 32 and 16 so far). I see a few patterns that need adjusted, and I hope to get a MSGEQ7 chip hooked up soon, so I can test the Audio patterns. Pull the latest from the Aurora sm3.0 branch, set kMatrixHeight = 16, and kPanelType = SMARTMATRIX_HUB75_16ROW_MOD8SCAN at the top of Aurora.ino.

Hi Jason… That’s great news… If I get chance I will give it a go tonight. Placed an order for a few 16x32 displays and smartmatrix shields already. Getting my Christmas shopping done early :grinning:. But saying that with the U.K. Post the way it is they will probably turn up in February lol.

Great work, look forward to seeing the adjustments to the audio side of things.

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OK, got a MSGEQ7 breakout hooked up to the 32x16 display and fixed more audio patterns.

I’m curious if/how you’re planning on mounting/framing them. This is the first 32x16 display I’ve had. I’ve been able to find 8x8 shadow boxes to mount the 32x32 displays in. Have any suggestions?

Hi Jason. . Good news again, look forward to trying them out. As for mounting them, good question. Im using one of the ideas from the 32x32 setups. which involves 4 brackets from each corner of the matrix. Then from each corner a 20mm nut and bolt attach the frosted acrylic front. Looks better than it sounds, a good friend is lazer cutting them for me, so that helps. Will get a link up when I have one completed.

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Hi Jason, just a quick update. just tested the latest audio adjustments you made to Aurora and the 16x32 side of things. Awesome. great work, thanks so much for all the effort and time you have put in. very much appreciated.

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Great, glad to hear it! Definitely post pics of the frame when you can. I might have to order a frame kit from you. :smile:

Is it possible to use the particle system lib on a one dimensional strip ?

Hi Gustavo, I don’t have experience with using the particle system on a single strip, the FastLED community is the best place to ask and I already saw you posted there, I hope you get an answer.

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