Aurora - Where are palettes defined?

I’d like to create my own palette in Aurora. I see where setupIcePalette() and setupGrayscalePalette() are located. Where are the rest of the palettes defined? Is there a template to use as a guide?


Aurora uses palettes from the FastLED library. Most of them are pre-defined in here:

Here’s an example from FastLED that explains how palettes work, and how to create your own:

They’ve also just this week added the ability to define a palette as a series of gradients. I haven’t gotten around to adding support for this in Aurora, but hope to soon, it shouldn’t take much effort:

Using this new ability, they’ve added support for thousands of designer palettes from cpt-city:

Thanks Jason. I found all the palettes, and better yet, all the pre-defined colors (Red, DarkSalmon, DarkSeaGreen, DarkSlateBlue, etc.) in pixeltypes.h. This really helps. Kudos for an outstanding piece of software. Aurora is simply amazing. I have the audio display running constantly on my entertainment center.

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