AVI to GIF conversion

So does anyone have any recommended method for converting avi files to gifs for use with SmartMatrix? I have a bunch of avi files I’ve made in After Effects that I’d like to use and I’ve come across a few problems with converting them to gifs. Photoshop has a 500 frame limit for gifs. The GAP extension for Gimp creates a blue pixel in the bottom left corner for every frame once the video is extracted. Manually fixing it across thousands of frames isn’t really feasible.

There’s the old Microsoft gif maker software which would need to be used in conjunction with Gimp to correct color errors that show up on the Smart Matrix, however I don’t have it anymore and I can’t seem to find a download available from a trustworthy site.

Are there any other options?

EDIT: I was frustrated last night and didn’t think of the obvious solution of just rendering the AVIs as 34x34 and cropping them after importing to GIMP!

@Louis wrote this tutorial on Adafruit Learning System on this very subject: https://learn.adafruit.com/creating-gifs-for-smartmatrix

And I wrote this one on using GIMP to resize and crop larger animated gifs down to 32x32: https://github.com/pixelmatix/AnimatedGIFs/wiki/Resize-and-Crop

Feel free to share any gifs you create here, it’d be greatly appreciated! Animated GIF Collection


Cool, thanks again Jason. I’ll make sure I share some of my gifs when I get a decent sized batch of them done.