Battery Powered SmartMatrix

I’m working on a performance piece using the SmartMatrix display. I’m looking to run the display via a battery pack. Could someone steer me into the right direction as to what type of battery pack would be powerful enough to run the display? I’ve been researching the idea of using USB cell phone charger 5v battery packs at 2A, but uncertain if this is feasible. Any insight would be a great help to get me started.

We’ve been trying this out recently, here’s a copy of what we put on our Kickstarter page last week:

Can SmartMatrix be powered by a battery?
We’ve had success powering the display from USB Power Packs. This 1A pack is able to power the display using the 75% brightness setting in our software. We tested it playing random patterns at 75% brightness for about 6 hours before the battery ran out.

This 2A pack is able to run the display at 100% brightness, and for much longer.

Connect either pack to SmartMatrix with a cable like this:

Let me know if you have any specific questions or want to share more about your setup.

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Also, if you’re writing your own Arduino sketch using the SmartMatrix Library, you should know that 75% in Aurora is actually 50% brightness: matrix.setBrightness(128);

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smartmatrix + lipo, I get about 12H out of 160Wh