Best teensy for 64x64 + Aurora?

I grabbed the SmartMatrix+ESP32 port and played with it yesterday – I really like it! I want to say a big thank you to Louis and all the other people who put this fun stuff together!

Now I want to make Aurora work on a 64x64 panel since I saw Jason made a branch for the 64x64.

I’ll take care to get the right kind of panel (no FM6126A, and using A/B/C/D/E addressing)

But what is the best Teensy version to get for this project? I saw to avoid 72Mhz, is that only for the audio part?

Is there a teensy version that would be best for this?

Thanks so much!

Nevermind, just found an answer:

The latest version of the library supports 5-address pins so you can use 64x64 pixel displays (You’ll need a Teensy 3.6 for driving displays this big)


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