Can I connect a Teensy 4.0 directly to a HUB75 32x32 panel?

Can I drive a HUB75 panel directly with a Teensy 4 (no level shifter)?

If so, which Teensy 4 pins need to be connected to which of the 16 pins at the HUB75 input connector?

it’s a matter of luck. Some HUB75 panels have buffer chips on board that play the role of a level shift. And some don’t have…

Where could I find hints for the wiring to give it a try?

If I rememmer correctly the v1.0 version of the SM shield drove the panels without level shifter as well?!

Hi Stefan, the circuitry for the Teensy 4 is more complicated and requires at a minimum an external IC to drive the address lines. I just sent you an email about how to get some shields. Thanks!

Thank you, Louis! Shield is ordered. :slight_smile: