Can I power a 64x64 display with a 5V 2A power supply without issue? Teensy 3.6 + SmartMatrix V4

I have a teensy 3.6 + V4 smartmatrix (the teensy is on backorder :confused: ). I got a 64x64 LED matrix from adafruit and I believe they say a 5V 2A is fine but I looked at the smartmatrix docs and it says it uses up to 3.5A (full white and presumably full brightness).

I will not be displaying full white and from what ive heard regarding brightness, above 50% is too bright for some people (however I Cant verify since my parts have not arrived). I already ordered a 5V 2A power supply so I want to know if i will be able to get away with using it with less than or equal to 50% brightness and likely less than half pixels lit (Will mostly just be displaying text) or will I need a 4A for that?

It depends on how many of the 12,000 LEDs you light at one time. I’m using a 2.5 amp supply and have had no problems. My code is conservative with which LEDs it fires. This is example:

I may just see what I can do with the 2A supply since it seems that it may be possible. Out of the 2.5A thats supplied, do you know how many amps yours uses for that display?

Also afaik, a 64x64 display will have 4096 LEDs. unless your project uses bigger/denser panels.

I have not measured the current drain. Each of the 4096 pixels has three LEDs. If I lit all three of all of them for full song white, I’m sure the 2.5 amp supply would be overloaded. My notes on the clock are at:

Ah, yea i see what you mean. Thanks for the info. Hopefully all goes well with 2A’s

The power consuming depend on scan pattern of your matrix. If you have a indoor 64x64 1/32 matrix - it means that at any moment of the time only 128 pixels are switched on.
In case of 1/8 outdoor panel it will lit 512 pixels at the time and the current will 4 times more than in the first case.

See the formula in that thread