Can i rotate selected panels in a chained panel setup while keeping others unrotated?

Hello Friends… I’m working on a project where im chaining panels together and display different timings and information in each using ESP32… I need to rotate one or two panels from a chain of 6 32x64 panels… Is it possible to use matrix.setRotation(rotation90); to a specific panel without affecting the overall setup… Thank you in advance!!!

No, sorry, rotation modifies the whole display.

Currently i am using mrfaptastic/ESP32-HUB75-MatrixPanel-DMA library and its virtual diplay support to kinda rotate specific panels …The issue is ghosting occurs when i use this virtual dispaly mode… That is why i am looking for some alternative solution…I have uploaded the image which demonstrates how exactly i want to display …

Is there any command to rotate just text without rotating the display panels…??

I think you can change the text orientation rather then rotate the whole panel…
The AdafruitGFx library should support it…

You can rotate just a layer instead of (or in addition to) the whole display. Check the FeatureDemo example for details. You can’t apply it to a single panel though

I am looking for the same … I couldn’t find any command for text orientation … I you could find it for me that would be highly appreciable

No, I did not find anything similar in Adafruit Gfx, although it seemed to me that I saw it there.
Perhaps the solution could be to print the text on a separate layer and then rotate that layer 90 degrees, as suggested by @Louis above