Collection of 32x32 gifs

Been having fun making some animated gifs for the smartmatrix, so thought i would share. There are some 150 to browse through, some have already been posted. enjoy.

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Wow. that’s quite a collection! Thanks for sharing!

Btw, if you switch the album layout to ‘blog’, it’ll show them all at their original size and animated:

Hi Jason,

Finally worked out how to change the view. as i have mentioned, i believe some of yours are in there, so forgive the reposts. but believe there are quite a few new ones.

Great Collection @mannymiller1! There’s a lot there I haven’t seen before. Did you convert most of these yourself from larger GIFs? What tools did you use?

Thanks. Yes most of them were larger gifs, and odd movie clips. I used for cropping and resizing. Credit goes to adafruit for the instructions.

Credit actually goes to Louis for posting the instructions on Adafruit. :smile:

:smile: Then i agree credit to Louis, a good write up :thumbsup: . Ezigif managed most of the .gifs, but due to its file size limitations i used photoshop for a few of them. I still have a few more to edit, Quite a few are meant to have black backgrounds, but need some colour adjustment as they are not true black, so still light the matrix slightly. Will share them as soon as done. but a Big thanks to You , Jason and Louis for your hardwork.

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You’re very welcome! I’m looking forward to seeing more GIFs!

If you can, please share some tips on color adjustment once you figure that out. I’d like to update the guide with some instructions on how to convert larger GIFs that ezgif can’t handle, and though I haven’t really run into gray backgrounds, I could see that being useful. Thanks!

Updated. added a few more to the collection :slight_smile: