Colors changed with new RGB-Matrix


i ordered a new RGB Matrix with 2mm pitch and uploaded an Bitmap to it. The colors are changed on the Matrix, Red is now Blue and Green ist Red. Do you know how to change this?

Thank you.

i solved the problem by modifying the source:

`temp0red = tempRow0[tempPosition].red;
temp0green = tempRow0[tempPosition].green;
temp0blue = tempRow0[tempPosition].blue;
temp1red = tempRow1[tempPosition].red;
temp1green = tempRow1[tempPosition].green;
temp1blue = tempRow1[tempPosition].blue;`

It’s been hard to find those that even work at all. Where did you buy it from? (many of them seem to use incompatible wiring)

Problem with some LED panels is not the wiring, but the controller chip that install. The LED panels with ICN2038S and FM6126 controller chips require three clock pulses by Latch, and so are not supported with current Smartmatrix library.

I work with LED panels that install the FM6124 controller chip and works perfectly, also work with ICN2038 and several more controller chips.

About different colors, the manufacturers, most of times, do not apply the HUB75 standard pinout, and then you can find many different RGB combinations, RGB, BGR, RBG, GRB, et … Habitually if you order LED panels with same controller chip, the RGB pinout will be same. At any rate its very strange that manufacturers do not do all LED panels always according to the HUB75 standard.