Column 0 displays at Column 63

Greetings! On a 64x32 HUB_75 panel I’m having an issue where anything I draw to Column 0 renders in Column 63 instead.

I could not find a reason why, but I suspect it’s related to:

                if((refreshBufferPosition) == pixels_per_latch-1) v|=BIT_LAT;

I’ve seen references to this issue in other matrix libraries where the solution was to invert the clock phase, if that helps!

Any suggestions?


Turns out the LAT line had fallen off and then put back onto the wrong pin, making it always high. That shifted everything as it clocked data to the matrix… so all fixed now and unrelated to the code, but thought I’d leave it as a reminder for someone else who might hit this to “Check your LAT line”

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