Copying SmartMatrix library

I copied the SmartMatrix library, naming the new one SmartMatrixFE. I did this because of the 7 files I had to edit in order to get my display showing normal scrolling text instead of mirror-image. For my display I need the modified files/library, but for normal Adafruit-type panels, I need the original library.
When I use Library Manager in Arduino IDE, it does not see my copied library, which in Windows Explorer is located right next to the original (being in alpha order). I shut down IDE, reloaded, even rebooted to make sure all was down…still can’t find it in the Manager or via “Include Library”. I also renamed SmartMatrix.h to SmartMatrixFE.h. When I try to compile with SmartMatrixFE.h, I get many “multiple definition” errors. (In the error listing, it shows that SmartMatrixFE was “discovered”, but it never shows in any manager list.). How do I copy the library so I can have both? (I tried renaming original SmartMatrix to SmartMatrixOrig).

I’m not sure exactly how to make Arduino Library Manager work for a custom library, but it probably involves editing and giving it a unique name or version number.

Usually renaming SmartMatrix.h would work, just make sure there’s no code in your sketch still including <SmartMatrix.h>. This trick should also work, you could add a SmartMatrixFE.h:

I will try that. Meanwhile I had to remove the original SmartMatrix library and put it elsewhere so I only had “my” library to look into to. Then tested to make sure it would compile with no errors.

I like this technique you demonstrate, I’ll try to implement it so I can have both libraries.