Custom built computer monitor and addressable RGB controller (see link at top of post)

I have been meaning to post this for awhile but have just not gotten around to it.

Proto board is located behind and attached with magnets
HUD75 panel is also attached with magnets
C# program written to send data over serial to teensy
Proto board. I use white paint marker to mark the GND pins
Back of proto board. Im not a soldering expert clearly

I definitely spent more time(~80 hours) and money(~$100) on this project than I probably should have but it was a fun little project and I learned a lot.

It uses a teensy 4.0 and smartMatrix shield to receive data over serial USB from my PC. The program that sends the data uses open hardware monitor.dll and I wrote it in C#/WPF.

It displays the CPU and GPU temp, usage, and ram/vram usage on a RGB matrix that has various background effects that can be customized from the PC software.

It also has 5 separate individual addressable RGB pins to control any 3 pin addressable RGB component. At the time of this video I only had the two fans that came with my case but have since added another rgb fan and RGB strip.

The teensy is located behind the mobo tray with magnets and runs off a 5v molex connector. There is a rocker switch on the back of my case to turn the whole thing on/off and it will still display effects even if the PC is not connected or sending data it just won’t display the CPU/GPU stuff

I have a long list of features that I would like to add at some point but I think I will simply leave it as it is for now and will likely circle back in the future.

If you have any questions I will try my best to answer but do have to say I am not a programmer or electronics expert. I just do this it in my spare time as a hobby over the last couple of years.

Lastly and most importantly thank you so much to everyone one in this community! You were all so helpful with the various problems I had. this was my first time using an RGB matrix in a project but definitely not my last. I already thought up a bunch of other projects that I likely wont ever get around to lol.


cool, thanks for sharing