Custom font into SmartMatrix library

I have been working with the smartMatrix library, I am trying to get a custom font of mine into the library and onto the device. I have had success with using gohufont and profont but cannot do it for a custom font. My font is in a TTF file.

I’m using a 128x32 panel (2 64x32 panels connected together) and a Teensy 3.1

Any help would be appreciated

Did you try out any TTF to BDF converters? I don’t a clear best tool or method to try when I googled “TTF to BDF converter” but there are some options out there. FontForge looks like the option I’d try first.

Thank you for the quick reply and your help.
I tried using FontForge to convert my file to bdf and then the bdf2c converter to convert it into c file. When I incorporate the font files into the library and try running them nothing shows up on the board. I even pulled the bdf file for gohufont converted it into a c file using the converter and then running it, still nothing shows up. I’m getting no errors or warnings.

Please upload your .bdf and .c files on Github GIST (or somewhere else, please don’t paste them here, it’s hard to read), so I can take a look.