Displaying Degree Symbol in Scrolling Layer

I’m working on a 32x64 P3 Weather Display using an ESP32 with Forum Wiring, and am running into trouble displaying the degree symbol in the scrolling layer.

The degree symbol is concatenated to the scrolling string via:
strcat(weatherMessage, “°”);
However when the degree symbol is displayed is shows up with a leading capital A with a hat “°” (ASCII 194). I have printed the string in the serial monitor and it only shows the degree symbol (ASCII 176).

What could be causing this phantom character to appear? Thank you in advance!

(Also, is there any way to change the maximum number of characters in the indexedLayer using drawString()? It seems to be limited to 10.)

Sorry, I’m not sure. I see the degree symbol at ascii 176 in the font headers in SmartMatrix Library. Can you add that character to the string in another way, e.g. with a hex code or something?

There’s some code in the library that limits the length, back from when the library only supported a 32x32 panel and 10 characters was plenty. Try searching for “10” and just change it to what you need.

Thank you for the response. I solved it by inserting it as a HEX, although I’m still not sure what was going on inserting it directly.
strcat(weatherMessage, "\xB0 ");

Thank you for the lead-in on the 10 character limit, I will find it and make the change!